Aaron Joseph

Consecrated Disciple Highlighting Saint Joseph and Catholic Life Photographer in Connecticut

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1. With my priest-spiritual director’s blessing, I made private perpetual vows to live as a consecrated disciple of Jesus, the Son of God and Son of Joseph and Mary.

2. Being raised in foster care, in three homes and two institutions, I had no attachment to my family name. I legally changed it to Joseph to publicly declare that the Patron of the Church is my patron, my father-in-spirit.

3. I pray, live, and share the objective truth of Joseph’s unique, universal, and complimentary place with Jesus and Mary. “Let all nations and generations know him, bless him, and publish his praises, since the Most High has done with no other as He has with Saint Joseph.” (The Mystical City of God, Venerable Mary of Agreda)

4. I hope to enlighten minds and inflame hearts via the understanding and appreciation that I have been given to highlight Saint Joseph’s place in the Earthly Trinity.

5. In my job, I work to build up the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Hartford and beyond through print, web and social media. My photos are regularly published on the AOH's Facebook and Instagram accounts, the AOH and AOH Photos websites, and in the Catholic Transcript - the Magazine of the Archdiocese of Hartford. My work has also been featured in many other diocesan and national publications.

I have known Aaron Joseph since his entry into the Catholic Church and have seen his appreciation of Saint Joseph from its inception to its mature expression in his SAINT JOSEPH: OUR PATRON apostolate. It is unique, with his notably personal analysis, which is suitable for everyone. Familiar with Josephite topics, he has synthesized his vision for the nourishment of mind and heart in his "Litany of the Earthly Trinity" – a prayer for constant meditation.
Rev. Stanley Smolenski, spma
For close to 30 years, Aaron Joseph has been a true faithful friend and spiritual brother, drawing my soul to an ever-deeper devotion and union with our Lord, our Lady, and our holy father Saint Joseph, in the living of my Carmelite Vocation.
Sister M. Theodora of St. Joseph, O.C.D.
I met Aaron Joseph shortly after being ordained to the Order of Permanent Deacons in the Archdiocese of Hartford in 2014. By virtue of our common experience of “being called” and my numerous interactions and collaborations with Aaron, I confidently and enthusiastically endorse the work of his apostolate, SAINT JOSEPH: OUR PATRON. Aaron is sincere and uncommonly resolute in his desire to promote devotion to Saint Joseph.
Deacon Ernest Scrivani, T.O. Carm.
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